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AUS-SHIPS 2021 5th Edition

  • An Australian registered vessel list of past & present ships with over 4000 vessel illustrations. More than 7000 ship names are covered. This list now covers many vessels of less than 100 gross tons.

  • This e-book covers both merchant and military (navy, army, air force, customs & police) vessels, both steam & motor powered.  Some sailing vessels are included.

  • The e-book is now in landscape format - permitting (when available) two images of the same ship to appear together on the same page. Every vessel with an image has its own individual page. Many listed vessels have further references included.

  • A separate index is also included, plus a bibliography.

  • Military forces vessel numbers/pennant numbers list.

  • Military forces major ocean going vessel classes list.

  • An Australian shipbuilding yard list – including ships built for export (with some images of these exported vessels).

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This full colour USB format title covers over 500 firms. Each shipowner is allocated at least one page which includes a ship photo plus a funnel colour close up.  This E-book is cross indexed and has introductory and explanatory chapters. 

Other information on each shipowner includes:


  • Hull colours and markings

  • Superstructure colours and markings

  • Houseflag description (where applicable)

  • Website/email addresses 

  • Ship naming style(s)

  • Types of ships operated and countries of ship registration.


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